Corporate Overview

We are a technical based management consulting organization concentrating on solving complex problems and furnishing innovative integrated solutions. Since 1998 we have been applying an unparalleled level of experience, expertise, and effectiveness for our clients. Our clients include national and international organizations in the fields of electric and gas utilities, government, investment banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, and public entities. Our team develops solutions complementary to the interrelationship of mission critical process technology, supporting infrastructure, and business management processes. Our organization is experienced in solving today’s challenges and poised to assist with properly positioning our client’s to effectively meet tomorrow’s challenges. We achieve our success by fully appreciating the interrelationship of people, processes, and products.

Our integrity and valuing our client’s trust are foremost in how we conduct
our business. Our professional staff is Efficient, Effective, and Experienced, and is committed to fostering the E3 approach; yet, we remain flexible to address individual client needs and committed to achieving goals and schedules.

Our guiding principles: integrity, professional excellence, respect for people, and continuously challenging ourselves to improve who we are and how we operate ensure that we deliver services that meet and exceed the high expectations of our clients, our community, and ourselves as exemplified by:

Integrity: We are honest, ethical, and candid with our clients, licensing agencies, fellow employees, stakeholders, and the public at large. We have the strength of character to make the tough decisions and provide advice that is in our client’s best interest.

Quality: We deliver quality in our services. We define and measure quality to meet our client’s requirements, and strive to exceed expectations. Our “do it right the first time” philosophy reinforces our belief that quality is everyone’s concern and everyone is expected to dedicate themselves to its achievement.

Professional Excellence: We promote individual and team excellence through our hiring, training, development, and recognition policies and actions. We establish well-defined and measurable standards of excellence. We promote open and honest discussion of how we can best improve ourselves, our performance, and our services. We fully recognize that the quality of our services is a direct result of the quality of our people.

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